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Air Cooler IceForce™

Air Cooler IceForce™

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Air Cooler IceForce™

Turn your home into an oasis of freshness and comfort with our air humidifier that uses water and ice! This innovative device is the ideal solution for maintaining optimal humidity in the room, while providing pleasant cooling during the hot days of the year.

Main characteristics:

 Dual function: Humidifying and cooling the air using water and ice.

 Compact and stylish design: Suitable for any room - bathroom, living room, office.

 Easy to use: Just add water and ice to the tank and turn on the unit.

 Energy-saving: Works quietly and efficiently, saving electricity.

 Adjustable settings: Select desired humidity level and fan speed.


 Healthy air: Improves air quality by disrupting dryness and irritations of the skin and   respiratory tract.
 Reduces heat: Ideal for hot summer days, providing a pleasant cooling sensation.
 Improves sleep: Creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere for better and restful sleep.
 Mobile and convenient: Easily portable, you can use it anywhere in the home or office.

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Method of use:

 - Open the tank and pour clean water to the indicated level.
 - Add ice cubes for extra cooling.
 - Turn on the device and set the desired parameters.
 - Enjoy fresh and humidified air!

Don't wait any longer, order your water and ice air humidifier today and provide your home with a comfortable and healthy atmosphere!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Jon Stiedemann

It's okay, don't expect much like a regular propeller, I put ice in it, it doesn't have much of the same effect, but don't expect much of the 130tl ($4) thing.

Braulio Leannon

Item as described in the description. Works properly. Lighter. No damage.

May Satterfield

The fan is the same quality as seen and is a very nice fan. highly recommended

Mariam Rempel

It is small but it works very well, although you have to have it very close... very fast shipping. Thanks to the seller

Isaias Hagenes

I had to put it back together because someone stepped on the box. but it works still and it's cute